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Insula “Sardinia Quality World” – A golden thread to tell the story of the island through the tourism of experiences

by Giandomenico Mele
Insula “Sardinia Quality World” – A golden thread to tell the story of the island through the tourism of experiences

The network to promote the supply chains of handicrafts and traditions

19 agosto 2023

Sardinia is not only sea and nature, but it is a land that preserves and hands down from generation to generation traditions, rituals and customs loaded with sounds, emotions and colors. Each village has its own characteristic costume, with weaves and embroideries that hold meanings and secrets. An invaluable heritage, the essence of this millenary land, the enhancement of which is one of the central points of the Insula program “Sardinia Quality World”, the network dedicated to the promotion of the destination Sardinia, told through the formula of experiential tourism and the presentation, internationalization and distributional development of the island's identity production chains.

The project is the result of an agreement between the Regional Department of Tourism, Handicrafts and Trade, together with Cipnes Gallura. Insula was therefore born with the purpose of telling the story of Sardinia through a formula of experiential, identity and sustainable tourism, not only for the sea, but through an integrated offer to discover the “world of Sardinia”: the third experiential platform is precisely that which provides art, fashion and folk traditions. A journey to discover the artistic productions of the Sardinian masters: the coral of Alghero, the knives of Pattada, the multicolored craft baskets of Castelsardo, the famous carpets of Mogoro, Aggius and Samugheo, the masks of Mamoiada. Then music and folk traditions and the great events related to Sardinian history such as the Sartiglia, the Redeemer and the Sardinian Cavalcade. For in the knots and weaves of a rug, for example, in the shapes and colors of a vase, or in the golden thread that is chased and woven into a piece of jewelry, are held the secrets of a unique and magical land. Artistic craftsmanship, in fact, is one of the distinctive elements of Sardinia. The ceramics, baskets, rugs, and filigree jewelry sketch the island's history, but at the same time project into the future with new figures of modern design. Discovering Sardinia through museums of weaving, such as the Murats in Samugheo, or visiting those of ceramics in Oristano, Nuoro and Assemini, as well as entering a Sardinian goldsmith's workshop while making a filigree piece of jewelry or a knife from Pattada, means immersing oneself in the history of Sardinia to understand its essence, living a unique and unforgettable experience. As well as immersing oneself in the beauty of tradition, observing the carnival masks, from the Mamuthones and Issohadores of Mamoiada, such as the Boes and Merdules of Ottana, which have become true symbols of the island. To finish, the sounds and notes of the launeddas, traditional instruments made with three reeds, passing through the accordion and the mythical tenor singing, included in 2005 by Unesco among the intangible heritages of humanity. At each festival sounds and colors, traditions and handicrafts of Sardinia combine and mix creating unique and unrepeatable suggestions.

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