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Twin Anglones, also in Lucania there is a territory with the same name. Pact of friendship and even the same patron saint: Santa Maria

by Mauro Tedde
Twin Anglones, also in Lucania there is a territory with the same name. Pact of friendship and even the same patron saint: Santa Maria

A meeting has already been held a meeting preliminary between the administrators and in the future not too distant distant is being planned twinning. Meanwhile, today and tomorrow the great festival in honor of Our Lady of Tergu

21 settembre 2023

Tergu is one of the smallest municipalities, demographically speaking, in Anglona and also one of the youngest having obtained administrative autonomy only in 1980. Of the ancient and fierce rivalries between Osilo, Castelsardo and Nulvi among which its territory was divided remains perhaps a faint echo in the benevolent parochialism of the different communities. In fact, the beautiful Romanesque basilica appears to have had three separate entrances, one for each community, so that all, despite rivalries and claims over the wonderful church, could attend the celebrations of the feast of Our Lady of Tergu on September 8 each year and follow the beautiful white marble simulacrum on its pilgrimage to the ancient Benedictine abbey. The church with adjoining monastery was most likely erected by Mariano I, judge of Torres, in 1113 and consecrated between 1127 and 1137. The monastery, donated to the Cassinese order, housed more than a hundred monks and, thanks to conspicuous Judicial and private donations, soon became the most important of this monastic order in Sardinia. Its fortunes lasted until the end of the 1400s, undone by Aragonese rule. Perhaps also by virtue of this prestigious past, the Madonnina of Tergu was elected patron saint of all of Anglona. The feast in her honor scheduled from yesterday until September 9, practically closes the many celebrations related to the end of the agricultural year and the beginning of the new season that are held in the communities of the area. The evocative procession is attended every year at the invitation of the town's mayor Luca Ruzzu by all the first citizens of Anglona. But Nostra Signora di Tergu is not the only “Queen of Anglona”. In fact, in Tursi, Basilicata, Mary Most Holy Queen of Anglona is venerated in her beautiful Minor Basilica. A common thread that finds its origin in the Christian faith could thus unite the two regions so geographically distant but so close, Anglona and Lucania, curiously united by the same choronym, and this discovery gives fascinating historical and religious mysteries to plumb and study. Mysteries that are already helping to unite the two peoples through a series of studies and initiatives. Anglona and Basilicata are actually building political and cultural bridges to enhance the similarities. In June in Tursi precisely in the Minor Basilica of Mary Most Holy Queen of Anglona, Giovanni Ligios president of the Union of Municipalities of Anglona and mayor of Osilo and Salvatore Cosma, mayor of the Lucanian municipality, in fact signed the letter of intent sealing the “Friendship Pact” signed in November 2022 that will lead to the twinning. Mayors and administrators of the two territories involved in the project were present at the ceremony. The Marian cult will thus open the door to new opportunities and paths will be traced in various fields, considering, for Sardinian Anglona and for Lucanian Anglona, the common rural vocation, affinities related to customs, shared traditions, linguistic aspects and economic prospects. President Ligios has no doubts: «The exciting journey that has been set in motion will allow us to deepen the history of the territories involved, create fruitful relationships for the communities, confront each other in different areas and perhaps obtain useful resources to enhance and promote both tourism development and the promotion of local productions». And from September 25 to 28, the eleven municipalities of this Union will welcome Tursi's mayor and councillor for culture, Matera's mayor Domenico Bennardi and Montalbano Jonico's mayor and provincial president Piero Marrese to study together the project that will lead to the twinning and evaluate forms of collaboration.

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