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The treasures of Anglona served at the table

by Mauro Tedde
The treasures of Anglona served at the table

From porcetto, to garden vegetables from typical sweets to rare specialties such as eels

21 settembre 2023

From the hills to the sea, from the pastures of inland Anglona to the intensive cultivations of the lower Coghinas valley, the gastronomic proposals are truly varied, genuine and, above all, strictly zero km. In the agritourism facilities scattered throughout the Anglona area, one can enjoy typical dishes that draw on local traditions, and for this very reason the proposal is very varied, because it changes according to the places, the seasons, the specialties and even the formula offered. Most companies develop articulated menus with a wide choice and with increasingly special proposals using local products, mainly from the company itself and the surrounding area and therefore sustainable, processing very fresh, freshly picked products alongside raw materials of their own production controlled at every stage of the process. This results in tastes and flavors that are difficult to imitate, widely recognized and appreciated by guests. Thus, consuming local products makes it possible to contribute to the preservation of the environment, to preserve biodiversity, and to keep the land alive and inhabited. Everywhere the main dish is the ever-present roast suckling pig, but meats are also present in the form of ghisadu (a very tasty stew, also made of wild boar meat), stewed lamb, sliced veal, and aromatic cordulas, but there is no shortage, especially at this time of year, of fragrant boiled sheep. Endless is the variety of appetizers, always from the farm's direct productions that pack their own cured meats, cheeses and vegetables and often even bread using local grains and sourdough starter. Each farm has its own first course of which it is proud, ranging from the classic ricotta ravioli to homemade gnocchetti to the tasty panaffittas, flakes of fine bread (the typical spianate) cooked in a sheep's broth and seasoned with pecorino cheese and in their season with mushrooms. Vegetables from the garden interpreted in various ways always complete the menus.
Another goodness is the desserts at the end of the meal with sa seada, undisputed queen, but also with “pirighittos”, “cotzulos de pistiddu”, “sas cadajnas” (also made with fresh cheese) and the traditional sweets typical of each community such as “pabassinos” and “amarettes”. Only in the territory of Nulvi  four agritourism facilities operate, all located along the provincial road leading to Tergu and then Castelsardo. The first (also because the Manca brothers were true pioneers in the sector) is “Monte Entosu” nestled on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. Much frequented also by tourists, the farm produces, in addition to the cured meats and dishes on the menu, excellent sheep's milk cheeses made with piglet rennet. A short distance away is the “Ruspina” farm, which offers dishes that combine tradition and innovation and also delicious vegetarian menus as well as a range of spirits (myrtle, prickly pear, blackberry, wild plum and fennel). Just a stone's throw away is the “Nuraghe Alvu” farm with its menus under the banner of tradition including a Nulvese version of the most famous Gallurese soup. At the top of the hill of Sos Paris stands the “S'Ammuttu” farm nestled in an elegant setting with a swimming pool. Here, too, exquisite products from the farm. A few kilometers from Chiaramonti, in the locality of Su Sassu Altu, stands the agriturismo “Pentuma” where owner Doloretta pampers her guests with authentic goodness. On the state road from Martis to Laerru, operates the “Carrucana” farm, which offers delicious and interesting contaminations between Anglonese and more purely Barbagian cuisine. In Perfugas, in an evocative farmhouse surrounded by greenery stands the agriturismo “Putzu Canu” adjoining the nuraghe of the same name, with its refined cuisine attentive to local tradition. Also in Perfugas inside an ancient and typical “stazzo gallurese” is the beautiful “Borgo Lu Puleu” with its organic and gourmet cuisine. On the state road from Perfugas to Santa Maria di Coghinas, on the other hand, the agritourism “Casteldoria” has been operating for years and with great success, overlooking Lake Coghinas, with its menus always varied according to the season and with many specialties including tasty red meats, eels and an extraordinary “mazza frissa”, a dish made with cream, flour and honey. Just a stone's throw from Sedini, the “Sa Sughereta” farm offers special kid meat dishes, while in Tergu, on the provincial road to Osilo, the “Sa Tanca Noa” farm is surrounded by a splendid landscape and here, too, the cuisine is typical of the agro-pastoral world.

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