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From family tables to international showcases Anglona wine territory

by Mauro Tedde
From family tables to international showcases Anglona wine territory

The Union of municipalities aims to have soon a wine list of the entire territory

19 agosto 2023

Anglona has always been an area with a vocation for viticulture and great expressive potential, but wine production was mainly for family consumption and little known outside this small reason nestled between Gallura and Romangia. For the past twenty years, however, young and courageous winemakers have rediscovered this activity often starting from their grandparents' old vineyards and are reaping enviable successes in both production and marketing. A tour of Anglona to discover the best productions could start in Martis where Cantina Binzamanna works at the entrance to the village. Sara Spanu and her husband Walter Deledda around 2001 threw themselves headlong into this fascinating adventure that began with the recovery of the native vines needed to restore the family's historic vineyards and expand the vineyard area. The results came soon and have strongly evocative names, testifying to the deep desire to honor those lands: Ares and Ligeja, two fragrant vermentinos; Nuraghe Sas Molas and Rentiles, two great Cannonau wines; Carrucana, made from Cabernet and Cabernet Souvignon grapes; Sas Piras and Binzamanna, two extraordinary Cagnulari, a grape variety this once used as a blending wine but which today has taken on a personality of its own thanks to the skillful blend of traditional knowledge and modern technology. Another fine family history also gave birth to the Tenute Rossini winery in Laerru. In 2004 Gigi Rossini and his wife Teodora, merchants in Laerru, decided to plant a small vineyard following their motto “Cheret fattu cun amore”. In 2012 the winery was born, but Gigi died prematurely, and so their children Massimo, Fausto and Rossella decided together with mom Dora to crown Gigi's dream and turn the vineyard into a reason for living. Design, research, natural care of the environment, and the expression of manual skill in production did the rest. Real masterpieces were born, including the two vermentinos Aria and Dora (with affectionate dedication to Dora, “the Queen Bee”, as everyone calls her for the excellent honeys the winery produces), Rolù, Cannonau di Sardegna and Bodale, Cannonau riserva made from 100% grapes and aged in oak batriques for 18 months (fresh winners in New York of two gold medals at the Grenache du Monde 2023), and Uttiu, made from 100% Syrah grapes, and Nachinono, red with a broad and velvety red taste from Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. And from a love story, between Carlo Deperu and Tatiana Holler, a perfughese and oenologist he, from São Paulo in Brazil but of German origin and with a degree in Marketing she, another excellent Anglonese winery was also born. They met in Milan, fell in love and decided to return to Perfugas to that little corner of Paradise in Lu Scupaggiu where they planted 4 hectares of vines in 2007. They work hard but it's worth it: they give birth to extraordinary wines such as Prama Dorada, a blend of indigenous Sardinian varieties; the red Oberaja, from an indigenous grape variety and Cabernet Sauvignon; Familia, made from Muristellu (Sardinian Bovale) grapes and an indigenous red grape variety. And then Fria, pure (100 percent) and true Vermentino, and the latest creation, Maria Tzufia, born from the fusion of Moscato di Tempio and Vermentino. In Sedini, but the vineyards are in the territory of Bulzi, in a setting of Romanesque churches and domus de janas, Gianluigi Deaddis, his wife Silvia and daughters cultivate a great passion for wine on deep soils of reddish trachyte and white limestone and in their modern winery established in 2000 (the first in Anglona to bottle its own wines). Cannonau, Vermentino and Bovale sardo the indigenous varieties of reference, flanked by the international Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The entire production process takes place within the same winery, from vineyard management to final bottling. The flagship wines are Narami, a doc vermentino; Padres, made from selected clones including Bovale (Muristellu); One Hundred, 100% Bovale; Capo Sardo, a robust Cannonau; and the sumptuous Ultana, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, aged 12-15 months in French oak barrels. «Our territory has always had a vocation for wine production – says Giovanni Ligios, president of the Union of Municipalities – and the hills in the coming years will allow us to boast exponential growth in quality production. It would be nice to have an Anglona wine list».

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